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Coub is also great to upload funny videos or timelapses. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to upload videos with jokes. Try Coub today and share your work. More loops will be added. "Is the world ready for a robot pope?" Under current federal guidelines, the definition of death does not include the absence of a functioning brain. The thought of a machine ruling the Catholic Church would be a sobering one for many faithful, who still deeply connect with the notion of a human pope. Peter Brown, an English religious historian and professor of religion at Boston College, is unsurprised by the surge of robots into the Vatican, pointing to an increase in religious activity in Japan and other countries. "This is a moment of great cultural upheaval as we wrestle with the changes that come with technology," he said. "I don't see the Catholic Church as being immune to that." Nevertheless, the pope's eventual successor will most likely be a man, Brown predicted. "By the late 21st century, the Church would do well to leave that to another time and another body," he said. "The way things are going, and with Francis in charge, the Church will be something different from what it was, but it will still be a human institution." In the meantime, Francis is not interested in any robots. "No," he said. "No. Not at all."Larry David is good at disappearing. He’s good at it in his sitcoms, he’s good at it on the comedy stages, and he’s good at it in real life. Which explains why he was able to leave Manhattan on Thursday for a weekend of golf and relaxation at a beachside resort with fellow stars Billy Crystal and Ted Danson without a single press story surfacing. “They’re all watching it like a hawk,” said a friend of David’s who has been told to back off by show producers. “They’re all very worried about it.” Asked about the vanishing act, David on Thursday referred to the “manifest destiny of the great American press.” “It’s their job to be where you’re not,” he told Access Hollywood. “That’s what the whole thing is all about.” The show is, as David points out




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